Friday, April 15, 2011

Sunday, June 21, 2009

regarding our authentic 'flaws'! wants to make it clear with our customers that all what you see isn't always EXACTLY what u get.

please be aware that our products are, by any means, are hand-made and are subjected to various circumstances that may come in the way of, when our products arrive at your lovely doorstep, they may not look 100% like what they did when you browsed our blog. BUT but but, these 'flaws' are not one of those defects that'll make u go "hey,why is it blue?i thought it was red?!" or "why does it look bigger with more pixels in the blog?!". what i mean here are just minor flaws, and i hope you guys understand what i mean.

by the way, i take these so-called flaws as a symbol of authenticity. it gives them character, and every item is different from one another even in the slightest ways.i mean, it really shows, that it's actually done by human hands, and not by soulless machines that brings no character to the products.

as Brandon Boyd once said, "fault lines should be worn with pride". ;P
so i just hope you guys are fully aware, and happy browsing!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pixel militia!

Propagandist collection

Price: RM5

Nu-world icons

Nu-world icons collection

A series ranging from gameboys to iPods.

Price: RM6

Adopt a critter!

Adopt a critter collection

A series ranging from cute bunnies to naughty kitties...  ;P

Price: RM6

Pirate collection

Pirate series

A collection ranging from skulls to parrots..arrr...

Price: RM5 each.

Awan-awan collection

Awan-awan collection

This collection features designs that shows what the weather forecast's icons might look like if the newscasters were tellytubbies. :P

Price: RM4 each.

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